Climate Conference in Mexico doomed to failure

La Via Campesina: “COP 16 is doomed to failure”

The sixth Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 16) is already seen as a failure that will affect the future of humanity, as its only result will be to strenghthen the intention of TNCs (Trans-National Corporations) to divert money away from the climate crisis” stated Alberto Gomez from La Via Campesina international coordination.

Berlin Commons Conference

The International Commons Conference connected about 150 leading figures in commons-based studies and activism for a multidisciplinary, international conference in Berlin, Heinrich Böll Foundation. The general objective was to emerge with a set of principles and long-term goals that can foster the planning and development of commons based organisations and policy as well as their networking capacity. Read more about the outcomes of the conference.

See also: Workshop report: Commoning through the Crisis: creating commons power and resisting enclosures and cooptation

Free PDF Reader

Many websites advertise commercial PDF readers to read PDF documents.  Imagine a sign on a motorway telling you that you can only use a certain car to use the motorway… So the Free Software Foundation has now started a campaign against non-free software advertisements on public websites. Free PDF readers are available at

International Conference: Health justice – worldwide!

The Right to Health is easily proclaimed, signed by all valid Human Rights packages or defined as unavoidable in progressive constitutions, such as in Brazil or South Africa. But one third of the human population dies due to poverty related diseases. Human Rights are foreseeable not fulfilled under the current global economical rules. Under the umbrella of those rules an enormous shift of wealth, from the bottom to the top, took place. 1.125 Billionaires possess three times more of the world’s capital than the poorer half of the world population. Since 1988 the richest twentieth of the population gained eight percent of the world’s capital, whereas the poorest quarter lost thirty percent. Read more